Voice of the Children


Ultimately, the security of the future lies in the hands of children.  It is therefore penultimate that we ensure they are afforded the requisite knowledge to make decisions that will affect them and generations beyond.  This section has the goal of breaking today’s political rhetoric into honest truth and purveying it in a simple manner.

Inspired by my conversations with a very smart and intellectually inquisitive nine-year-old, I hope to make ideas that are complex to even our parents, comprehensible to someone of a young age.

I wrote the first 20 articles of this blog in two days exclusively using knowledge already acquired.  I did no research for these postings and relied solely on information I already know.  From the Higgs-Boson particle to Argentine GDP-indexed warrants to a Constitutional analysis, the words came without restraint, until it came to writing this piece for children.  Writing for a nine-year-old is more challenging than anything I have thus far written.  It puts to shame explaining physics, medicine, economics, politics and law.

Any feedback from parents as to content or style would be greatly appreciated so that I can develop as a writer for this specific demographic.