dante ruffalo alicia moritz March 14


dante ruffalo alicia moritz

After a vitriolic and public twitter war between BBC Chief Political Correspondent Norman Smith and myself, which revealed both Mr. Smith’s passion in pursuit of his beliefs as much as it did his immaturity for a man of his age and credential, I took it upon myself to read the entire Ukraine Constitution.

Here is what it says:

It turns out, British Foreign Minister William Hague in fact lied to Parliament when he said the Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, had acted within constitutional authority to remove President Viktor Yanukovych.  Our media in the U.S. also failed to question the legitimacy of this claim.  Article 108 of the Ukraine Constitution states four reasons for termination of the powers of Ukraine President; 1. resignation 2. inability to exercise his or her powers for reasons of HEALTH 3. removal by impeachment and 4. death.

The Rada justified removal of Mr. Yanukovych with a deliberately abbreviated version of Article 108 rule 2.  The Ukraine government stated Mr. Yanukovych’s power was terminated for ‘inabliity to exercise power’ leaving out the conditional, and essential part, ‘for reasons of health.’ 

Therefore, what began as a non-violent protest in opposition to redirection in trade agreement (which was of course under significant influence by Mr. Putin who views Ukraine necessary to his place in history) turned first into a coup d’etat that quickly brought in Russian troops and the threat of war.

As for Crimea, the Ukraine Constitution is against the claims of Mr. Putin who feels mother Russia’s noblesse oblige makes incumbent upon him the protector of all Russian-speakers everywhere. This creates the dangerous precedent for him to extend his arm beyond just territorial boundaries of the Ukraine and circumscribe all of the former Soviet countries effectively reuniting Russia with a historical footnote to his own greatness.

Article 73 of the Ukraine Constitution states altering the territorial boundaries of the Ukraine requires an ‘All-Ukrainian referendum.’  This means that, although Crimea is an autonomous republic, Sunday’s vote to secede is entirely unconstitutional.  For Crimea to secede all 44 million citizens of the Ukraine must vote for such.

While unheard of in countries like the U.S., where the Constitution is of immense importance, this minor snag for Mr. Putin is easily brushed aside in endeavor to supplement his Wikipedia entry.