Watching the BBC’s recent piece ‘exposing’ the neo-Nazi stronghold on the Ukraine government was slightly reminiscent of seeing Mel Brooks musical ‘The Producers’ in which a closeted gay Adolf Hitler dances across the stage wearing a sequin swastika while singing Springtime for Hitler.

Both are fictional pieces, one is entertainment, the other proffered as investigative journalism.

Western media has done very little to combat the magnificent propaganda campaign used by Mr. Putin to justify annexation of Crimea, which, in itself, is a sin, but the fact they believe this none sense is infuriating.

Ukraine protesters are comprised of an unusually diverse group which includes the Afghan journalist Mustafa Nayem who used social media to incite the revolution, Ukrainian veterans of the Soviet Red Army who invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Muslims from the south, Jews from Kiev, Roma from the north, feminists, academics and the ever menacing gay population.

For the past year, Mr. Putin strategically put forth three separate and non-overlapping media campaigns.  In Russia, state TV reports the Ukraine protests are part of a larger gay conspiracy.  This conception, until recently, was kept out of Western media until Mr. Yanukovych blurted out the necessity to redirect the Ukraine away from the EU because of the imposing threat of ‘gay marriage.’

Euromaiden is the name of the square where the massacre of over one hundred non-violent protesters took place at the behest of Mr. Yanukovych.  Russian media’s moniker for this site is ‘Gayeuromaiden.’

Simultaneously, the Ukraine regime instructed riot police that the opposition movement was led by a large Jewish conspiracy (as if the words fell from the very mouth of Mel Gibson).

Meanwhile, Western media was repeatedly told that the protesters were neo-Nazis.  Not only were the media told this, they were given choreographed footage such as what the BBC used in their expose.  To the British journalist who made this piece, I say- have you ever met a neo-Nazi?  I have news for you, they are not a fashionable sort.  The people whom you recorded in your video footage are wearing costumes pretending to be neo-Nazi’s.  Real neo-Nazi’s wear black minimalist clothing, black leather boots and have shaved heads.  This countenance is deliberate.  It identifies them as what they believe to be the ‘superior race.’  The costumed actors in the BBC video are wearing face masks, something no neo-Nazi would wear because with a mask on you can’t see how white they are (or in the case of our masqueraders how not-fair their complexion is).

To further refute allegations neo-Nazis are behind the overthrow, none of the transitional authorities put in place after Mr. Yanukovych was ousted from power are from right wing nationalist backgrounds which would have been the case if the coup were orchestrated by neo-Nazis.

In the current Ukraine parliament (the Verkhovna Rada), there is a very small political party named Svoboda who are nationalists and within this party is a faction named the Right Sector who are proudly real neo-Nazis.  However, more people voted for Ralph Nader in the 2000 U.S. election than voted for the Svoboda party in parliament, illustrating the political limitations they have.

Said simply, Russia is not trying to stop a fascist coup as they claim.  This is a populous revolution like many other.