BLOGSNAP1Recent cuts in food stamps were a contentious issue based in erroneous perceptions about none other than race.  The Senate’s former third-ranking Republican, Rick Santorum, is a vociferous advocate of teaching ‘intelligent design’ in public schools, opposes abortion even in the case of rape (saying the victim should ‘make the best out of a bad situation’) and equates homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia.  This ideology once made him so wildly popular he was touted to be the next President.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Santorum said about food stamps ‘I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.’  He went on to say ‘people on food stamps are lazy.’

Absent from Mr. Santorum’s musings are both knowledge and facts.

Here are a few details about food stamps.

In 2013, over 47 million Americans received food stamps, 67% of which were white.  Additionally, more than half of all people receiving the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) have jobs.  Despite working, recipient’s income is so meager, it still meets the individual income eligibility requirement for SNAP of earning less than $14,490 per year.  Food stamps originally get their name from blue and orange tickets which could be exchanged for food.  Now, a debit card method is used and despite claims by politicians that the money is spent on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, the use of the card is limited to food and nutritionally valuable provisions.

For those who say people on food stamps are lazy, I ask, how much are food stamps per month?

The answer to this question always evades the minds of individuals that believe SNAP recipients are lazy.

The entire monthly allowance for a single individual receiving food stamps is $133.08.

Further and even more infuriating, Moody’s (a ratings agency), estimates every dollar spent on food stamps equates to an increase of $1.73 in GDP.  That is to say, because every penny of government subsidized nutritional supplements is spent, it DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTES TO TOTAL U.S. GDP OUTPUT.  That means our entire economy does better by helping these most vulnerable fellow Americans.

Coming back to Mr. Santorum, the idea of lazy black people living off food stamps does not seem to correspond very well with objective reality but then nor do any of the ghastly progeny of his lurid intellectual shortcomings.