blogpayoff1Today U.S. media report ‘pro-Russia’ demonstrators take over government buildings in the Ukraine city of Donetsk.  Why American journalists believe what Russia state TV tells them is baffling.  It is nothing but a further extension of Mr. Putin’s fanciful propaganda campaign.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said there is strong evidence FSB operatives (the successor to Mr. Putin’s beloved KGB) are paying non-resident demonstrators (people not voting in referendum) in Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv to storm public buildings, beat unarmed security patrol and demand a referendum to join Mother Russia, where, according to Mr. Putin, they will be alleviated of Ukraine parsimony and rejoice in the shower of Russian Federation oil-revenue.

Simultaneously, Russian TV tells people of eastern Ukraine the nascent Ukraine government is controlled by neo-Nazis and nationalist extremists (racists).

This newsblog forecasts that before the May 25th Ukraine election, Western media will report incoming Russian troops met with staged jubilation waving Russian flags with demands for a referendum to be annexed into Russia.  International observers will be banned and the new leaders will meet at the Kremlin to sit with Mr. Putin for another protracted history lesson on Ukraine’s Russian origins as he painstakingly signs the annexation agreement.

Another territory lost is just a morsel to Mr. Putin’s voracious appetite of rebuilding the USSR.  Next will be Moldova, Georgia, Belarus or Kazakhstan.  Russia controls energy resources of all Central Asia.  It will selectively manipulate supplies of gas to create economic havoc that will persuasively bring in piece after piece of the jigsawed Eurasian Union until Wikipedia finally updates Mr. Putin’s profile as the ‘Grand Master’ who reunited the unbridled former Soviet countries.