tunneloflovemerkelputinGermany’s Chancellor is in Washington today to discuss among other things the NSA wiretap on her cel phone.

The privacy concern is to distract the viewer from her real reason for crossing the Atlantic. German business lobby is pushing Mrs. Merkel to abstain from the U.S. Imposed sanctions against Russia. Why would the leader of a free democracy shy away from restraint of rapacious Mr. Putin?  Because Germany has a secret relationship with Russia.

The only European country that has its own pipeline (Nord Stream) drawing Russian crude directly to its refineries is Germany bypassing the markup endured by those who must use intermediaries.

In fact, former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroder celebrated his 70th birthday this week along side the oleaginous Russian president in St. Petersburg. At the same time, German election monitors in the Ukraine are being held captive. Mr. Schroder is a long standing Russophile having been made chairman of Nord Stream AG from nomination by Russian oil giant Gazprom.

Gazprom has not yet been sanctioned and if pusillanimous Mrs. Merkel and her business lobby acolytes get their way, the company’s revenue should be undisturbed despite Mr. Putin’s revanchist approach toward former Soviet neighbors.