Anathema to the Catholic church is gender equality along with an antiquated anti-gay stance.  The new Pope seems to be on a mission to change this denominational perspective on the roles played in our society by those oppressed or formerly oppressed but the pace at which change of this nature takes place at an institutional level may not be fast enough to save the Holy See from undertaking further illicit banking maneuvers including financing drug lords in South America.

In sharp contrast, the Church of England’s General Synod voted this week to allow women to become bishops.  Women in the church have been allowed as priests for more than two decades.  Gays too enjoy this equality and are permitted to be bishops despite causing a fissure between the English and African members of the Anglican Communion.

If Pope Francis would like to apply SEC style regulation to his corrupt bankers in accordance with both law and the claims made by his church, it would behoove him to abandon what every part of the Western world views as blatant discrimination against both women and gays rectifying a long held inequity.