The OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) reports that almost all of Syria’s chemical weapons have been delivered to the U.S. ship Cape May to be destroyed.  As of today, 31.8% of Category 1 and 2 chemical weapons have been neutralized at sea by the U.S. ship.

One would think this to be good news, however, the killing continues with Bashir al-Assad now using Chlorine gas instead of Sarin and Mustard gas.  Chlorine gas was not banned under the agreement brokered by Mr. Putin.

Why would the U.S. accept an agreement that does not include EVERY form of chemical weapon Syria uses?  Because the deal was brokered by Russia and not the OPCW, which leaves the question- why would the U.S. allow such an incomplete agreement to go forward?

Don’t forget how Syria began.