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danterufflobevelpicture1Dante Ruffalo 

I was born with a putative lesion of the amygdala resulting in a memory disorder that renders certain forms of memorization an impossibility for me.  It is an incapacity limited to rote memory (memorizing through repetition).  Fortunately, my neural structures compensated by granting me an exceptional ability at understanding concepts and their interrelated parts.  While I cannot memorize, I learn conceptually exceedingly well and have near PhD level knowledge in five disciplines: Macroeconomics, Geopolitics, Oenology (wine), Contemporary Social Anthropology and Neuroscience. The term for a person with this level of knowledge in multiple subjects is polymath, the modern and more humble word for ‘genius.’

I cannot memorize lists or unrelated pieces of information (including my own phone number) but my mind replaces this with an insatiable yearning to understand the concepts underpinning our collective reality.  For example, people’s names I rarely remember but I recall with excellent precision the details of extraordinarily technical subjects from neuroanatomy to European Central Bank policy.  Another illustration is that I can recite current GDP growth rates of more than 15 countries and articulate the policy decisions between the respective governments as well as how they influence each other but I get lost literally every time I leave my house in NYC.  SimilarIy, I cannot learn the rules of a drinking game but can explain details of countercurrent active transport by the loop of Henle in renal physiology and its similarity to a transport system in grape vines that enable them to grow in otherwise inhospitable climates such as Mesnil, home to the world’s finest champagne.  It makes for amusing jokes but has always been privately very frustrating.

As part of my love of travel, I began assembling an every growing network of polymaths and together we seek to understand issues across disciplines with the concerted effort of dedicating our special talents toward the betterment of humanity.  Like me, polymaths take every opportunity to learn from each other as much as they enjoy sharing their knowledge.
My five foci are subjects about which I am extremely passionate as well as resolutely objective.  In my conversations with many industry thought leaders, it is this objectivity that is credited with almost always yielding the best decision.  I couple that to a gut instinct for market shifts rooted in my deep understanding of global politics and economics.  My former employer Morgan Stanley was moving me into their wealth management division but I left for a sabbatical in Europe where I befriended a wide swathe of the population as I conducted field research on the nexus between law, economics and culture.  My research on culture and its relation to economics was so rewarding, it made me redirect my efforts toward three ultimate goals: applying my unique understanding of economics to eradicating homelessness, establishing a macro strategy hedge fund and hosting round table discussions.
The many friends I have made as I travel, as well as those from memberships in amazing organizations such as The National Arts Club in Gramercy, along with a willingness to transcend socioeconomic strata has allowed me to meet, entertain and enjoy conversations with an unusually broad spectrum from billionaires to homeless people, from celebrities to school kids and from Nobel Laureates to those with cognitive impairment.  From each of these amazing conversations, I have gained insight to the world that few others are so fortunate to have and I hope to share with people all that I have learned as I continue to travel, learn and meet interesting, diverse and remarkable people from across the globe.
Dante F Ruffalo Esq.
18 Gramercy Park South M1
New York City, NY 10003


Alicia Moritz – Graphic Picture Designer

Alicia is responsible for the entire aesthetic of this blog including and perhaps most importantly the “internet collage” style illustrations. To give credit where it is most certainly due, it takes me relatively little time to write a story for this blog. In contrast, Alicia spends on average three to four hours creating each picture. She combines witty humor with creative talent that I hope my readers enjoy.