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danterufflobevelpicture1Dante Ruffalo 

I was born with a substantial learning disability that renders rote memorization an impossibility for me.  It is a learning disability under the auspices of ‘dyslexia’ and although it is both severe, as well as rare, the incapacity is limited to memorizing through repetition.  Fortunately, my neural structures compensated for this absence of rote memory by granting me an exceptional ability at understanding concepts and their interrelated parts.  While I cannot memorize, I learn conceptually better than almost anyone and have near PhD level knowledge in five disciplines: Macroeconomics, Geopolitics, Oenology (wine), Contemporary Social Anthropology and Neuroscience. The term for a person with this level of knowledge in multiple subjects is polymath, the modern and more humble word for ‘genius.’

It is difficult for me to remember anything that lacks a certain level of interconnectivity to other parts of a larger system.  However, the benefit is that my mind is always seeking to understand underlying concepts as opposed to simple memorization which falls short at assimilation.  For example, people’s names I can rarely remember but I can comprehend and recall with precision the details of conversations I have with individuals about extraordinarily technical subjects from presynaptic axonal reuptake of dopamine to European Central Bank policy.  Another illustration is that I can recite the GDP growth rates of more than 15 countries and articulate the policy decisions between the respective governments and how they influence those growth rates but I can’t remember my own phone number.  SimilarIy, I cannot learn the rules of a simple drinking game but can explain intimate detail of countercurrent active transport by the loop of Henle in renal physiology as well as its similarity to the transport system that enables the wine area Mesnil to grow Chardonnay grapes that are used in making Salon, the world’s finest champagne.  It makes for amusing jokes but is privately very frustrating and has always made me feel ashamed.

I began assembling an every growing global network of polymaths and together we seek to understand issues across disciplines with the concerted effort of dedicating our special talents toward the betterment of humanity.  Like me, polymaths all learn independently and are only limited by our access to information.   However, we are a competitive sort and take pride in being the lead authority in our preferred subject.  For example, colleagues have witnessed me challenging top finance executives on mistakes made in their economic reports.  The nexus between geopolitics and economics requires a level of knowledge so deep that only passion can drive a person to understand the concepts well enough to accurately forecast price movements of investment classes that have significant susceptibility to political and economic risk.  Thus, after protracted discussions with my former employer, Morgan Stanley, who was helping me transition from the legal division to wealth management, I decided to pursue a position with a European firm where this passion and deep understanding can be immediately actualized.  I now advise some of the wealthiest individuals in the U.S., France and U.K. on the impact macroeconomic flux will have on their investments from real estate to research grants to the price of oil.  I frequently turn to my global network of polymaths for guidance in understanding intricacies that enable a quality of analysis that firms with vast research teams struggle to provide.
The key distinction of my advisory services is that I combine my own resolute objectivity with a strong cultural understanding of the political zeitgeist as it relates to economic change within the context of investment strategy.  Because macroeconomics and geopolitics are my passion, I spend every waking moment living, learning and breathing these subjects with complete disregard to all bias which I consistently find to be the source of error in reports published by other firms.  It is my ideologic agnosticism combined with an unrelenting desire to learn more that enables me to provide clients an unparalleled level of depth and understanding to their asset allocation or advisory needs.


Alicia Moritz – Graphic Picture Designer

Alicia is responsible for the entire aesthetic of this blog including and perhaps most importantly the “internet collage” style illustrations. To give credit where it is most certainly due, it takes me relatively little time to write a story for this blog. In contrast, Alicia spends on average three to four hours creating each picture. She combines witty humor with creative talent that I hope my readers enjoy.