About me

danterufflobevelpicture1Dante Ruffalo 

Dante Ruffalo attended both Medical School and Law School.  As a research scientist in the Department of Neuroscience at The University of Wisconsin, his work parsing the neural substrates of emotion has been published in nine peer-reviewed journals (Neuroscience and Journal of Psychophysiology).  Using fMRI, Mr. Ruffalo mapped regional brain activation of the prefrontal cortex in cohorts with Major Depressive Disorder.  His first book, a technical analysis of therapeutic cancer vaccines, was published in December, 2007.

Mr. Ruffalo also co-authored a book on revising U.S. patent law.  He is currently a research fellow at think tank YAGE, a Eurasian policy focused consortium, where he collaborates with European counterparts in drafting white papers focused on European-Russian relations.  As a member of Mensa, Mr. Ruffalo writes a geopolitical and economics column for Mensa’s monthly publication, Mensa Bulletin.

The objective of this blog is to more accurately disseminate knowledge than traditional media.  Emphasis is placed on global politics, foreign and domestic affairs and economics but traverses the universe of what is substantive in the world of News.

Free from the encumbrance of commercial sponsorship that invariably yields a slant, this blog holds itself to a higher standard than any news media and strives to retain objective and thorough reporting.  It also relies exclusively on original sources and therefore corrects a great deal of what the media misreport.

Examples in which this blog correctly reported news better than media errancy include 1. Ukraine Crisis 2. Thai Protests 3. Syria’s Conflict 4. Debt Ceiling 5. Quantitative Easing 6. Higgs-Boson Particle 7. VW autoworkers reject UAW 8. BitCoin 9. Keystone XL pipeline 10. Food Stamps 11. Judiciary 12. U.S. Economics and others.





Alicia Moritz – Graphic Picture Designer

Alicia is responsible for the entire aesthetic of this blog including and perhaps most importantly the “internet collage” style illustrations. To give credit where it is most certainly due, it takes me relatively little time to write a story for this blog. In contrast, Alicia spends on average three to four hours creating each picture. She combines witty humor with creative talent that I hope my readers enjoy.