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Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28


There is not a moment in recent memory that Thailand’s political mechanism wasn’t embroiled in controversy involving corruption, but the protesters who have blocked the streets of Bangkok are not the poor and disheveled. In fact, the Thai protesters represent a tiny minority in Thailand of wealthy loyalists to the monarchy.  To explain it more […]

Alicia Moritz Dante Ruffalo February 28


Italy is not alone among southern European countries with economic strife.  In fact, they are relatively well off compared to neighboring Greece, Spain and Portugal.  But that isn’t saying much. Italy’s GDP growth for 2013 was -1.8 percent.  Unemployment remains above 12.7 percent and the 10-year-government bond rate is 3.59 percent. Although these numbers are […]

Hugo Chavez Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28

Chavez is Gone but his economics are not

Venezuelans are protesting in violent opposition to president Nicolas Maduro who incorrectly thought carrying his predecessor’s economic policies forward would bring him the same charisma as Hugo Chavez. These policies began when Chavez nationalized most businesses 13 years ago reducing production leading to Venezuela being ranked as having the lowest property rights in the world. […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28


The Ukraine’s recent political crisis, albeit significant, has detracted from an underlying problem which persists and is a large part of the reason for the conflict. The Ukraine acting president says the country will return to a path of European integration.  This was the direction the Ukraine was headed before Valdimir Putin coaxed the former […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz global politics February 26

Global Politics

The geopolitical spectrum traverses age and culture as well as place and time.  It is therefore, essential, to the knowledgeable reader to begin and maintain a long-lasting understanding of the interrelationship between our own political system and that of the rest of the globe.  This section will attempt to capture the important and interesting issues […]

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