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Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz January 28

How QE Works and Why Europe is now using it

Although Mr. Bernanke is now retired from Chair of the Fed, Janet Yellen, his successor, has vowed to follow through on his monetary policies.  In fact, she was chosen to head the bank specifically for this reason. Quantitative Easing (QE) has been politicized in a manner which has distorted what it actually is.   Phrases […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz March 02


The digital currency Bitcoin is fascinating in design.  It is comprised of an elegant equation, the solution to which yields a unit that is limited in supply to 21 million.  Super computers, kept cool near the arctic circle in Iceland, work ceaselessly, processing the equation in what is called ‘Bitcoin mining.’  It is a libertarian […]

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