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Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz January 28


The Troika is a reference to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission (EC).  The troika is the economic powerhouse in charge of the bailout funds for southern European nations.  They are not a well liked group by citizens in these desperate countries because they control the purse strings […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz January 28

How QE Works and Why Europe is now using it

Although Mr. Bernanke is now retired from Chair of the Fed, Janet Yellen, his successor, has vowed to follow through on his monetary policies.  In fact, she was chosen to head the bank specifically for this reason. Quantitative Easing (QE) has been politicized in a manner which has distorted what it actually is.   Phrases […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28


There is not a moment in recent memory that Thailand’s political mechanism wasn’t embroiled in controversy involving corruption, but the protesters who have blocked the streets of Bangkok are not the poor and disheveled. In fact, the Thai protesters represent a tiny minority in Thailand of wealthy loyalists to the monarchy.  To explain it more […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28


The Nobel Prize is always awarded for a body of work which is transformative and of great significance, but this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded to one of the numerous theoretical physicists responsible for the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle, is perhaps the greatest breakthrough in physics since Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The […]

Hugo Chavez Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28

Chavez is Gone but his economics are not

Venezuelans are protesting in violent opposition to president Nicolas Maduro who incorrectly thought carrying his predecessor’s economic policies forward would bring him the same charisma as Hugo Chavez. These policies began when Chavez nationalized most businesses 13 years ago reducing production leading to Venezuela being ranked as having the lowest property rights in the world. […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz February 28


The Ukraine’s recent political crisis, albeit significant, has detracted from an underlying problem which persists and is a large part of the reason for the conflict. The Ukraine acting president says the country will return to a path of European integration.  This was the direction the Ukraine was headed before Valdimir Putin coaxed the former […]

Dante Ruffalo medical Alicia Moritz February 27


Those of us who attend medical school have a common passion to use our knowledge of science to heal the corpus.  I was unable to complete my medical training due to illness, but this misfortune did not deprive me of the desire to help people.  To satisfy this longing, I will translate the esoteric parlance […]

Dante Ruffalo children Alicia Moritz February 26

Voice of the Children

Ultimately, the security of the future lies in the hands of children.  It is therefore penultimate that we ensure they are afforded the requisite knowledge to make decisions that will affect them and generations beyond.  This section has the goal of breaking today’s political rhetoric into honest truth and purveying it in a simple manner. […]

Dante Ruffalo Alicia Moritz global politics February 26

Global Politics

The geopolitical spectrum traverses age and culture as well as place and time.  It is therefore, essential, to the knowledgeable reader to begin and maintain a long-lasting understanding of the interrelationship between our own political system and that of the rest of the globe.  This section will attempt to capture the important and interesting issues […]

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